Skye Jefferys, Flux

“My approach to painting is similar to meditation, there is a ‘letting-go’ of all the noise and expectation and allowing an energetic vibration to flow onto the canvas through the paintbrush.

Sometimes this can be a dynamic and full-body experience, moving around and on top of the artwork horizontally or taping canvas to the wall and painting vertically. Other times, only small, considered marks are made on the canvas. The ideas I am exploring are always consistent; relating, connection and interaction between humans and how this is in a constant state of flux. I investigate this shared humanity through the shape of colour.

This body of work was created from a small studio in Gippsland, where I retreated from all external life and focused solely on my artistic practice. There was a rhythm to the days, waking with the birds at sunrise, a beach walk and then straight into the painting. Using more intentional brush-work than my previous paintings, colour and form dance across the surface creating patterns, textures and shapes that speak to notions of our connectedness to one another and to all living things. There is a fluidity and movement to this work, a constant shifting of direction and form, big swooshes of paint meeting sharp lines or scratchy brush-work.”

Skye Jefferys is a painter, exploring human relationships and connection in her art practice. Through gestural brush-strokes; canvases layered with thick, textural paint; spontaneous, bold forms interacting with scratchy lines; Jefferys draws on her inner world – emotion, mood, struggles and joy – to explore what it means to be human.

Skye studied a Bachelor of Design – Visual Communication at Monash University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Visual Art at the VCA.

Flux runs until June 6.

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Install shots by Carli Wilson Photography.