Process Insight – Stacey McCall

We asked Stacey McCall a few questions relating to her latest body of work for her current solo exhibition Autumn. Read on for some insight into her process..
I work full time as a painter, from a shed in my backyard. My girls leave for school around 7.30 and I’m usually in there by 8.30-9. I try to get my palette organised because once I’ve done that I’m usually pretty ready to get into it, but I might sit and knit with a coffee and stare at whatever I’m working on for a while.
I usually do work on a series which is why you will see the same objects appear. Some are things I’ve had for a long time, some are handmade things I have purchased from other artisans, but most are just little things I find in op shops that just feel like they would be lovely to paint, that have a worn or earthy feel to them…the right colour or texture…it’s hard to know.
I start with very loose drawings in charcoal, gouache and water colour, cropping and changing until I’m happy with the composition. Then I’ll move into an underpainting in burnt sienna, referencing the arrangements I’ve set up but more and more I am looking at the drawing…there’s often more interesting things happening there. Once the underpainting is dry I’ll start moving over it in thin layers of desaturated, muted colour. I’m often thinking of the colours in the Australian landscape or memories from my past, of earthen ware cups, natural handmade textiles…it’s an aesthetic that I’ve always loved.
I worked as a doula and did consider midwifery but I’ve finally found my thing, definitely, I’m very happy in my little shed at the bottom of the garden.
Autumn runs until June 6.
Install shots by Carli Wilson Photography.