Dean De Landre

Dean De Landre is a painter interested in the intersection between nostalgia, popular culture and the natural world. Through appropriating found imagery along with his own, De Landre explores how nature is depicted within books, television, video games and other cultural ephemera. By removing these images from their original context there is the potential to experience them in a new-found way. 

Dean De Landre currently lives in Torquay with his partner Solveig and his dog Pepper. He completed a double degree of arts/visual arts at Monash University in 2017 and is currently completing an honours year at Deakin University in Geelong. Dean has exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney, overseas and has been a finalist in the Hornsby and Albany art prizes. 

Nasturtiums by Dean De Landreacrylic on canvas 40x50cm unframedSold
Canopy by Dean De Landreacrylic on timber 53x53cm framed$630
Hills (and Tree) by Dean De Landreacrylic on timber 53x53cm framedSold
Snap by Dean De Landreacrylic on timber 97x77cm framed$1260