Big Boom +

Big Boom +

Big Boom is our latest venture, located at 5 Rutland St. Big Boom is an extension of Boom Gallery, housing a vast gallery space for monthly exhibitions, design gallery, studios, an artist in residence space and workshop area. Big Boom will continue to evolve over time and is the perfect space for an event.


Design objects, lighting, furniture, sculpture and original artwork

Big Boom has allowed us to spread out and create an interesting and inspiring space to explore.

Alongside work from Boom artists we have ceramics from James Lemon, Alichia van Rhijn, Tessy King and Sylvia Segon.

Furniture, design objects and lighting from Softer Studio, Tristan Tait and Yos Studio.

via FLOC Studio we have work from EM Architects, Wewood, Goncalo Campos, Woud, Kasper Nyman, Maximilian Schmahl, Fabian Schnippering, Mika Tolvanen, Chifen Cheng, Camilla Akersveen, Christopher Konings and Rikke Frost.

Events, Functions and Workshops at Big Boom

Workshops, events and functions

We are crafting a range of workshops to inspire creativity, learn something new and make some friends. Sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you in the loop.

The Big Boom gallery space is available for events from 4pm, 7 days a week, our workshop space is available 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm.

If you have and idea for an event or workshop we’d love to hear from you at [email protected]

Factory 21

Factory 21 provides studio spaces that allow artists and creative professionals to work within a dynamic and collaborative environment.  There are a variety of options available including shared and individual workspaces.

To express interest please contact Boom Gallery.

Boom Makers

Boom Makers is located directly across the road from the Gallery. Open to the public, these studio spaces allow local creatives to make and sell their wares on site. Visit the Makers to see a range of unique handmade goods.