An ode to Sunday mornings.
A shared space to sit and read the paper, a quiet corner for a business meeting or a round table for a long brunch with friends.

A great range of local goods showcasing seasonal produce and modern cuisine.

Serving Industry Beans specialty roasted coffee and Australian Tea Masters Tea.

Born and Bread Sourdough or Fruit Toast   8
your choice of strawberry jam. vegemite,
honey or peanut butter   V GFO

Slow Cooked Eggs   11
sourdough   V GFO

Braised Mushrooms   16
slow egg, hazelnuts, sourdough   V GFO VO
+feta 4.0

Granola   13.5
yoghurt, seasonal fruit   V

Porridge   14
seasonal fruit, crystallised nuts, choice of milk   V VO

Breakfast Roll   15
sausage, egg, cheese, house made chilli jam   GFO


Avo                              5

Whipped Feta           4

Bacon                         5

Slow Cooked Egg     3

Smoked Salmon       7

Gluten Free Bread Substitute +2

Please let us know of Dietary Requirements.
Please No Substitutions, All Charges Will Incur A Fee
V= vegetarian GFO= gluten free on request VO= vegan on request

Schnitzel Sandwich   19
chicken, cos, pickles, ranch

Croque Monsieur   15
ham, béchamel, Dijon, cornichons
+fried egg 3.0

Tuna Melt   15.5
sourdough, rocket, capers, dill

Kale Caesar 14
egg, croutons, parmesan   V
+anchovies 2.0

Soup 12.5
ask for today’s, w/ sourdough   V GFO VO

Hand Cut Triple Cooked Chips                 w/Mayo   8
House Salad W/ Beetroot And Almond                    8

Sunday Geelong is located inside Boom Gallery in Newtown. We are open 8-4 Monday to Saturday and 8-3 Sunday.

ph: 0478807057