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Kendal Henry at Boom

Kendal Henry at Boom

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Emerging Artist Basil Papoutsidis joins Boom Gallery

We are thrilled to welcome Basil Papoutsidis to Boom Gallery! Basil is a young emerging artist from Melbourne who graduated in 2014 from the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts. Basil’s sculptural wall and free standing pieces explore modernist design, architectural language and an interest in the construction industry while also representing an automotive aesthetic.... Read more

Sneak Preview of Upcoming Exhibitions

We have three upcoming Exhibitions, all running from 12 February – 7 March with opening celebrations on Friday 13 February from 5:30pm   Cara Johnson / Tracks     Summer Projects II featuring work by: Julia Trybala, Lance Simpson, Eleanor Louise Butt, Shelley McKenzie, Glen Smith, Ren Inei, Nat Anderson & Elizabeth Barnett    ... Read more

Boom’s VCE Folio Expansion Course 2015

VCE Folio Expansion Course / BOOM Gallery / 2015 Boom Gallery announces an exciting opportunity for enthusiastic VCE art and design students to widen their knowledge and practical experience of the visual arts. * Develop and broaden your emerging arts practice through a series of art projects and tasks. * Engage with current specialists from... Read more

Every Greyhound has a Story

To launch into the year Boom will be hosting a travelling exhibition “Every Greyhound has a Story” – portraits of adopted greyhounds & their unique stories by photographer Josh Robenstone.  The series intimately portrays the relationships of the greyhounds with their new owners, carers or volunteers. From hospitals, to under privileged homes and even prisons, greyhounds... Read more

Christmas show & Opening

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Icons are sacred images representing the saints, Christ, Mary & narrative scenes. Dating to the 4th C & venerated among Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox & Catholic Churches, these images follow set traditions with symbolic meaning, attention to detail, strict colour palettes and compositions. ICON at Boom Gallery will present the work of five artists who have... Read more

Christmas Show

The Boom Annual Christmas show is of an epic scale this year, with almost 50 artists contributing .  Each artist is presenting 2 works (no bigger than 30x30cm in size), resulting in an excitingly diverse and accessibly priced exhibition. The show will run from 27 Nov – 23 Dec and will open with a festive celebration on... Read more

Jiri Tibor Novak / 90 Postcards

Tibor is responsible for many one man shows and books here in Australia and overseas. He has been a dedicated contributor to the arts in Geelong and Surfcoast having taught at the Gordon Tafe and mentored many young artists over the last 15 years.  One of his recent endeavours was an artist book titled “Visitors”(a limited edition of... Read more

Emily Besser / Adventuresome Things

  Emily Besser is an artist working from a Sydney studio.  Boom Gallery is delighted to have connected with Emily and has a small body of her work on display and in the stockroom. Emily speaks of her art practice….. “I recently returned to an everyday practice of painting after an intensive period of making... Read more

Jiri Tibor Novak / Postcard Workshop

“Do you like travelling? Do you like remembering your days on the road? Some, after taking photos will never look at them but if you are drawing, writing, keeping a sketchbook….. maybe even making postcards, you will come back & look at these…… remembering the place & time that you created your own experience….” TIBOR... Read more

Shane Drinkwater / Surfaces & Beyond

Painting is something I’ve always needed to do and I’m enjoying it more and more: it’s the joy of putting colour, shape and gesture on a surface.
I find it difficult to put into words why I paint or what I paint about. Ideas and images appear through the making of the work and I don’t... Read more

Arthur Bannon / Black Box

My current work is focused on the evolving nature of how we tell and understand stories. My paintings examine the shortcomings of language, and probably the need for art itself. Each single painting is reliant on its partner for context, and to evolve beyond its single statement or character to become a ‘story’. The works... Read more

James Butt / Earthscapes

Earthscapes is a selection of recent woodblock prints, wood carvings and mixed media works on paper and canvas by artist James Butt. In creating work for this exhibition, Butt has collected wood for carving from the natural environment; complementing the finished pieces which reflect the Australian landscape. “I like to be inquisitive with my art... Read more

Chelsea Gustafsson / Carpe Diem #YOLO

The flowers evolved as a symbol of guilt for our indulgent lifestyles. I always thought of a vase of cut flowers as an unnecessary pleasure: no practical qualities and very short term pleasure. Similarly, I was as cynical in regards to the process of creating art: an act of self serving indulgence. With our exposure... Read more

Inei / Turner / Hayes & Tuohey / September

  Ren Inei / New Directions This series of paintings mark a journey, a conscious movement Ren Inei is making away from a skill based arts practice focusing on tangible and concrete subject matter towards a more immediate, responsive and personal subject matter. A transition from the physical landscape towards a personal “emotional landscape”. “These... Read more

Craft Cubed / August

A satellite event, part of Craft Victoria’s Festival of Craft ( Australia’s largest Craft focused festival) showcasing the work of talented local designers & makers. Exhibition 8 – 30 August  Read more
Kasper Raglus / Unknown Effects / 7 – 30 August

Kasper Raglus / Unknown Effects / 7 – 30 August

Unknown Effects explores the concept of the artist imagining what it would be like to view his work through somebody else’s eyes. Kasper is a 23 year old artist based out of Aireys Inlet.  His recent paintings continue with themes around words, meaning and context. He draws heavily from his other “love” / artistic pursuit – music. Lyrics are... Read more
Glen Smith/ Territory/ 7 -30 August

Glen Smith/ Territory/ 7 -30 August

The latest solo exhibition ‘Territory’ by Glen Smith carries on and extends the body of artwork that he began in 2013 within his exhibition ‘Local’. Focusing on the Geelong urban landscape within a contemporary context, Smith’s new body of artwork completed over 2014 further extends and widens his gaze taking in icons of local industry,... Read more

Dave Bowers / The Grind / 7 – 30 August

David Bowers was born in Geelong in 1964. He grew up in Melbourne’s outer west, a blend of rural land, working class suburb and industrial wasteland. The paintings in The Grind explore the relationship between industry, agriculture and food – the fragility and ethereal nature of disposable packaging and the power and weight of machinery.... Read more