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Shane Drinkwater / Surfaces & Beyond

Painting is something I’ve always needed to do and I’m enjoying it more and more: it’s the joy of putting colour, shape and gesture on a surface.
I find it difficult to put into words why I paint or what I paint about. Ideas and images appear through the making of the work and I don’t... Read more

Arthur Bannon / Black Box

My current work is focused on the evolving nature of how we tell and understand stories. My paintings examine the shortcomings of language, and probably the need for art itself. Each single painting is reliant on its partner for context, and to evolve beyond its single statement or character to become a ‘story’. The works... Read more

James Butt / Earthscapes

Earthscapes is a selection of recent woodblock prints, wood carvings and mixed media works on paper and canvas by artist James Butt. In creating work for this exhibition, Butt has collected wood for carving from the natural environment; complementing the finished pieces which reflect the Australian landscape. “I like to be inquisitive with my art... Read more

Chelsea Gustafsson / Carpe Diem #YOLO

The flowers evolved as a symbol of guilt for our indulgent lifestyles. I always thought of a vase of cut flowers as an unnecessary pleasure: no practical qualities and very short term pleasure. Similarly, I was as cynical in regards to the process of creating art: an act of self serving indulgence. With our exposure... Read more

Inei / Turner / Hayes & Tuohey / September

  Ren Inei / New Directions This series of paintings mark a journey, a conscious movement Ren Inei is making away from a skill based arts practice focusing on tangible and concrete subject matter towards a more immediate, responsive and personal subject matter. A transition from the physical landscape towards a personal “emotional landscape”. “These... Read more

Craft Cubed / August

A satellite event, part of Craft Victoria’s Festival of Craft ( Australia’s largest Craft focused festival) showcasing the work of talented local designers & makers. Exhibition 8 – 30 August  Read more
Kasper Raglus / Unknown Effects / 7 – 30 August

Kasper Raglus / Unknown Effects / 7 – 30 August

Unknown Effects explores the concept of the artist imagining what it would be like to view his work through somebody else’s eyes. Kasper is a 23 year old artist based out of Aireys Inlet.  His recent paintings continue with themes around words, meaning and context. He draws heavily from his other “love” / artistic pursuit – music. Lyrics are... Read more
Glen Smith/ Territory/ 7 -30 August

Glen Smith/ Territory/ 7 -30 August

The latest solo exhibition ‘Territory’ by Glen Smith carries on and extends the body of artwork that he began in 2013 within his exhibition ‘Local’. Focusing on the Geelong urban landscape within a contemporary context, Smith’s new body of artwork completed over 2014 further extends and widens his gaze taking in icons of local industry,... Read more

Dave Bowers / The Grind / 7 – 30 August

David Bowers was born in Geelong in 1964. He grew up in Melbourne’s outer west, a blend of rural land, working class suburb and industrial wasteland. The paintings in The Grind explore the relationship between industry, agriculture and food – the fragility and ethereal nature of disposable packaging and the power and weight of machinery.... Read more

Shelley McKenzie / Inside Outside / 17 Jul – 2 Aug

Inside / Outside showcases the latest selection of paintings by Geelong artist, Shelley McKenzie. These vibrant paintings explore the notion of art making itself, with physical process and sensory experience integral to her practice and aesthetic outcomes. Each painting is layered with colour, form and line, incorporating the artist’s internal and external worlds. Exhibition 17... Read more

Maryla Johns / Surf Garden / 17 July – 2 August

  In this exhibition, Geelong artist and textile designer Maryla Johns explores a new perspective of ‘surf art’. Incorporating both digital and painterly techniques, Johns depicts the beauty to be found in humble seaweed, with pops of colour and abstracted forms. A self confessed ‘seaweed biographer’, Johns uses layers, patterns and textures from the coastal... Read more

Ellie Malin / Recent Prints / 19 June – 12 July

Ellie Malin is a print media artist based in Melbourne. Her colourful bold art works reflect a playful approach to image making where bright colours and form construct the landscape. Her artworks are inspired by a love for travel, childhood memories, and also from the most meaningful to the insignificant moments in life in all... Read more

Art Unlimited / Not by Design / 19 June – 12 July

NAIVE / BRUT / RAW / OUTSIDER Boom Gallery has the privilege of presenting the work of five exceptional artists from the Art Unlimited Studio. The Art Unlimited Studio is a professional access studio for artists with a disability and is situated in the old Geelong Gaol. The vitality and richness of their work is... Read more

Anita Beaney / From Here & There / May 30 – June 14

“From Here & There” is a collection of sea and landscapes – of mountains, deserts and sea.  Anita has created this body of work using old photographic processes.  The images were shot with a medium format camera, a Mamiya twin lens c330, using 120 roll film then printed on to watercolour paper.  A technique used to... Read more

Amanda Carson / Pleasant Twittering / May 30 – June 14

Pleasant Twittering was inspired by Amanda’s travels in WA and from her own backyard in Jan Juc.  These delicate watercolour paintings, undertaken with a contemporary approach, using blocks of colour and repetition of patterns to detail a beautiful selection of “feathered friends”.  These paintings draw upon Amanda’s background in graphic design, and her enduring love... Read more

Tiel Seivl-Keevers / Winter Harvest / May 30 – June 14

Tiel Seivl Keevers is a painter and illustrator from Brisbane. Her work evolves from her natural surroundings.  In this exhibition Tiel focuses on the changes that occur throughout the season of Winter, exploring ideas and imagery around the concepts of dormancy, death and new beginnings. Exhibition Opening Friday May 30 / 5:30 – 8pmRead more

Introducing Arthur Bannon

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Ngaio Lenz “Terrafirm” 5 Dec – 1 Feb

Ngaio Lenz is a Mackay based artist.  She has a strong exhibiting history with many solo shows over the past 10 years in both QLD & Vic.  Most recently at Flinders Lane Gallery & Hand Held Gallery in Melbourne and Umbrella Studio in Townsville. In this body of paintings there is a beautiful treatment of... Read more

Merrang 14 -30 November

In August of this year Boom Gallery took 9 artists on a 3 day field trip to Merrang, a historic property in the heart of the Western District of Victoria. The early Australian colonial artist Robert Dowling painted arguably his most significant painting “Mrs Adolphus Sceales with Black Jimmie on Merrang Station” at Merrang in... Read more

Introducing “The Brainery Store”

THE BRAINERY STORE is open. THE BRAINERY STORE is introducing people who inspire us in word and deed. It is a simple idea about sharing the things people know, harbouring a hyper-local focus within the surroundings of its location. Pop-up or one term outposts will take form around the country. The lectures will hold a... Read more