Past Exhibition: Ingrid Daniell, Out of the Bubble and into the Blue

Exhibition DatesMay 2016
Using the landscape of the west coast of Victoria and the East Coast of Tasmania, Ingrid explores the temporary nature of moments in life, memories and how these string together to create identity, connection and belonging. Through Out of the Bubble and into the Blue, Ingrid sits with the precious moments; the memories of passing through this wonderful yet imperfect life to create a sense of connection, belonging; and identity.
Ingrid Daniell is a visual artist and painter, who works in her studio by the ocean in Jan Juc. Ingrid is inspired by the landscapes that surround her, the Surfcoast, Great Ocean Road, East Coast Tasmania; places that are close to her life and experiences. Through painting the landscape, Ingrid continues her exploration of what it is to belong, to really feel at home in oneself, to be enough, to capture the wonder of the places, people and moments in time that matter in her life, that evoke the memory of belonging; the emotion behind the landscape that surrounds her and is her home.