Past Exhibition: Ingrid Daniell, Shadows, Light, Time

Exhibition DatesMay 2017

Through her recent body of work, Ingrid Daniell continues to explore her love of landscape, the environment and the link between the magic of earth, the mystery of our existence and the time in which we have had to impact our effect on earth.

Using places that have personal connection as her muse, Ingrid paints the landscape as an idyllic folk tale; redolent of a time and place when man had little impact on the earth and its atmosphere. Through stylised, abstracted forms and symbolic paint gestures, Ingrid uses colour and a mix of textures to create magical, emotional and mnemonic landscapes. Ingrid is drawn to colour and texture; creating layers as she paints to build depth and dimension, through her use of colour and suggestive brush strokes she highlights the layers and form of the landscape; the shadows and the light, the crumbling cliffs and shifting flora shaped by weather and time.

Ingrid Daniell is a visual artist and painter, who works in her studio on the Surf Coast of Victoria Australia. Ingrid is inspired by the landscapes that surrounds her, the Surfcoast and the Great Ocean Road, remote Australia and its many national parks; the East Coast of Tasmania; places that are close to her life and experiences.