Past Exhibition: Melbourne Ceramics Market Exhibition

Melbourne Ceramics Market Exhibition
Exhibition Dates6th December - 23rd December 2018

A dynamic group of ten ceramicists showcase their work together for the first time. Melbourne Ceramics Market hatched with the hope of providing a space for emerging and established ceramicists to showcase their work whilst build a community of makers connected to each other and their craft. In an effort to catalyse the community, this exhibition brings together an eclectic range of artists.

Featuring handmade ceramics by: Daisy Cooper, Tina Thorburn, Tantri Mustika, Csilla Csongvay & Matt Blackwood, Elnaz Nourizadeh, Katherine Wheeler, Arcadia Scott, Dawn Vachon, Charmian Ong & Christina Mclean.


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Morning Light by Tina Thorburnaka Clay by Tina handmade ceramics
Pathways by Christina Mcleanaka TRADE the MARK handmade ceramics
Sumi-e by Charmian Ong aka Bisuketto Studio handmade ceramics
Shorelines by Katherine Wheelerhandmade ceramics (porcelain, raku, stoneware)
Beyond by Elnaz Nourizadehaka Elnaz Ceramics handmade ceramics