Exhibition: You Yangs, Group Exhibition

You Yangs, Group Exhibition
OpeningSaturday 30th March
2:00pm - 4:00pmExhibition Dates28th March - 28th April
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The name ‘You Yang’ has formed from the Aboriginal words ‘Wurdi Youang’ or ‘Ude Youang’ meaning “big mountain in the middle of a plain” or possibly “big or large hill” or even “bald”. Although only 319 metres at their highest, they dominate our local landscape.

The You Yangs have always attracted artists to paint them and feature most strongly in works by one of Australia’s greatest artists, Fred Williams. Williams spent long periods developing his plein air representations of the You Yangs, and these have now become celebrated and iconic Australian works of art.

Ten contemporary artists all with a strong connection to our Geelong region have been invited to respond to the You Yangs. As curators we look forward to how each artist approaches these ancient granitic outcrops and ultimately respond to them in paint, drawing and photography.

The exhibition includes David Beaumont, Shelley McKenzie, Rohan Robinson, Cricket Saleh, Deb Fisher, Andy Pye, Ren Inei, Jordy Kerwick, Natalie Anderson and Ingrid Daniell.