James Price, The Sun Sat Still and Smiled13th August - 6th September
Kasper Raglus, Never Over13th August - 6th September
Surface + Form13th August - 6th September
Nearness (in a time of separation)16th July - 9th August
Anita Beaney, Found Light16th July - 9th August
Colleen Guiney, Places of Me11th June - 12th July
Louise Tate, Getting warmer11th June - 12th July
My Country: Art For Fire Relief21st February - 15th March
Shane Drinkwater, Quietly Spoken19th March - 12th April
The Seven Seas, Get a Grip11th June - 12th July
Ariana Luca, Unfold, Fragment and Disperse19th March - 12th April
Stacey McCall, Still20th February - 15th March