Ben Crawford, Eighty Eight Miles Per Hour5th November - 29th November
Jiri Tibor Novak, From the Botanic Garden8th October - 1st November
Tiel Seivl-Keevers, Burnt Out5th November - 29th November
Harry McEvoy, Over the Hills, Under the Table8th October - 1st November
Charlotte Thodey, Nourish8th October - 1st November
Rachel Hine, Heard Not the Voice of a Bird8th October - 1st November
John Santucci, Garden Therapy10th September - 4th October
Ben Fennessy, Tower Hill10th September - 4th October
Andy Pye, Fringe Lyf10th September - 4th October
James Price, The Sun Sat Still and Smiled13th August - 6th September
Kasper Raglus, Never Over13th August - 6th September
Surface + Form13th August - 6th September