Beth Gibbeson, Got Me Singing8th November - 2nd December
Mark De Koning, Strange Time8th November - 2nd December
Bridgette McNab, Red, Yellow, Blue11th October - 4th November
Emily Besser, Pairings: New Work11th October - 4th November
Cricket Saleh, Dog11th October - 4th November
Nick Dridan, Medley13th September - 7th October
Meredith Earls, A Balance of Opposites13th September - 7th October
Graeme Altmann, Coastal Boy13th September - 7th October
Rohan Robinson, Desire For a Sedentary Personality16th August - 9th September
Michelle Kettle, Folded Light16th August - 9th September
Cat Rabbit, (Nothing But) Flowers16th August - 9th September
Amber Stokie, Me, You and In Between 19th July - 12th August