Shelley McKenzie, The Anakies25th February - 21st March
Kathryn Junor, Views From Cars25th February - 21st March
Beth Gibbeson, Painting My Heart Out28th January - 21st February
Gordon Lingard, Sacred Gums28th January - 21st February
Amber Stokie, Finding My Way28th January - 21st February
Wattleitbe, Young Lovers (Are) Tuned To Trees3rd December - 23rd December 2020
Isobel Rayson, Familiar Boundaries3rd December - 23rd December 2020
Terra Firma II, Group Exhibition3rd December - 23rd December 2020
Dean De Landre, Daisy3rd December - 23rd December 2020
Ben Crawford, Eighty Eight Miles Per Hour5th November - 29th November 2020
Jiri Tibor Novak, From the Botanic Garden8th October - 1st November 2020
Tiel Seivl-Keevers, Burnt Out5th November - 29th November 2020