Joel Wolter, Peaks and Alleys10th October - 3rd November
Jeff Raglus, Boneyard10th October - 3rd November
Andrew Pye, The Great Ocean Road10th October - 3rd November
n. cloud·​age | A mass of clouds, Natalie Anderson10th October - 3rd November
Mark Cairns, Blue Latitude12th September - 6th October
Alichia van Rhijn, The Middle Distance12th September - 6th October
More is More, Group Exhibition12th September - 6th October
Big Boom Launch11th July - 11th August
Sarah Hickey, Kindred15th August - 8th September
Ingrid Daniell, Strange Dreams, Under a Full Moon 15th August - 8th September
Melissa Boughey, Eutierria: Moments in Nature15th August - 8th September
Inter:Section15th August - 8th September