Seth Searle & Lucy Roleff, It Will Always Be Like This20th June - 14th July 2019
Marking Time, Group Exhibition23rd May - 16th June 2019
Alizon Gray, seeking silence23rd May - 16th June 2019
Virginia Hodgkinson, Reacquaintance: A Series of Portraits Looking Beyond a Label9th May - 16th June 2019
Jordy Kerwick, The Best Hologram Party Host2nd May - 19th May 2019
Liam O’Neil, Off the Leash2nd May - 19th May 2019
Andrea Shaw, To and From2nd May - 19th May 2019
You Yangs, Group Exhibition28th March - 28th April 2019
Sarah Rowe, Cadence28th February - 24th March 2019
Harley Manifold, Gateway City28th February - 24th March 2019
Tina Thorburn (Clay By Tina), A Leg Up: 100 Planters Project31st January - 24th February 2019
Summer Projects VI31st January - 24th February 2019