• Sink IV

    acrylic on paper
    73x112cm unframed
  • Angus Picked up the Trombone

    oil on canvas
    22x17cm framed
  • Something in Common

    carved and hammered wood
    16.5 x 12.8cm
  • Untitled 2

    pencil and oil pastel on paper
    54x42cm framed
  • Square and a Half

    acrylic paint on clayboard
    20x15cm framed
  • Impractical Decorating Ideas (Porcelain Animals, Crochet Rug and Tassels)

    collage, found paper, gouache
    41x29cm framed
  • Fragments

    acrylic & mixed media on board
    63x83cm framed

    Indian ink on upcycled book cover and salvaged cardboard
    43.5x54cm framed