YY #1 by Jordy Kerwick

oil, oil stick, acrylic, enamel, air brush, collage & charcoal on canvas
140x120cm framed


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“I have been driving back and forth past the You Yangs my whole life, yet I can count the times on one hand that Ive actually visited the national park. This being said, the You Yangs have maintained three very distinct feelings for me. 1st, a sense of mysticism – the large mountainous landscape providing a visual from  far but very few answers as to what it is really like. The second being a feeling of joy, as driving past the You Yangs generally meant we were on our way to Anglesea (referencing childhood memories) where my grandparents lived. This evokes feelings of love and freedom a total innocence.  The third and final feeling I get is of sadness as it meant that we were going home to reality (which really wasn’t that bad at all…)

So this national park as always acted as a beacon to evoke a certain emotion, and has almost exclusively been enjoyed from  a distance, in a car. Im hoping my two abstracted works reflect these feelings and that the viewer is able to take themselves back to a time that they can remember passing the You Yangs as a child.”

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