Dry Creek Bed Cosmos by Andy Pye

oil on canvas
153x153cm framed


“This work takes up and more maturely deals with the ideas that I posed to myself in a 2015 work of a similar name (Dry Creek Bed, Castlemaine). I’m still telling the story of that dry creek bed in this work. Overall, it is an unresolved discussion of the ancient, the spiritual, the social and the celestial. In this way, it’s greater than the sum of its parts, since I can’t really expose any one of them as a living artist. There is particular emphasis on the placement or ‘blocking’ of the actors that make up the drama in this work, but none of this is done with thinking twice, or thinking at all.   This is a work that allows the rocks a gravitational field, and the trees, all various ages and species, just watch on.”


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