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West With The Night by Harley Manifoldoil on belgium linen
98x130cm unframed
Summer Pansies by Elizabeth Barnettoil on linen
51x56cm framed
Knockout by Julien Pacauddigital collage
edition of 1 of 20
52x72cm framed
Study of Reef Hill by Andrew Pyeoil on canvas
130x130cm unframed
Sarah Rowe
Featured Artist - Sarah Rowe

Sarah Rowe is a Melbourne based artist and established textile designer. Her recent return to painting has been much welcomed by Boom. Throughout her career, Rowe has demonstrated a strong interest in the relationship between, design, space and expression. Her recent works demonstrate her ability to seamlessly translate this interest from one form to another. Through her exploration of the paint medium Rowe brings together abstract forms and contrasting colours in a painterly style, to produce dynamic works that portray softness…

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