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Now There Are Mountains & Rivers by Cat Rabbitwool roving, polyester wadding, cotton, polyester stuffing, plastic eyes, wool felt, armature wire, recycled packing foam
60x60cm framed
Fire by Ellie Malinunique state woodblock print, oil based inks on 100% cotton paper
32x32cm framed
Alone With You by Kirsten Duncombemixed media on board
34x27cm framed
Meredith Earls
Featured Artist - Meredith Earls

My work explores ideas of spaces, real imagined, physical and intangible. I’m interested in making the things that can’t be seen visible. What does the space between look like? If we could see the connections between people, how might they look? I’m drawn to collage as a way of taking things apart, re-arranging them and making something new. I love the qualities of old printed materials and the histories that they bring to the work.

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