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Cantala Lookout by Anita Beaneygiclee print on 300gsm archival cotton rag (scanned from medium format negative)
edition 2/5
94x94cm framed
Dancing Solo by Beth Gibbesonoil on linen
125x165cm framed
Blue Grotto Pot by Tessy Kingglazed stoneware and lustre
IX by Lucy Jamescollage on paper
32x41.5cm framed
Beth Gibbeson
Featured Artist - Beth Gibbeson
Beth Gibbeson’s paintings explore the different landscapes in which she has lived, reflecting on the rural, urban and places abroad she has called home. The works blend the ideas of landscape, time, memory, and connection.
“I begin my work from a free, subliminal place by drawing the shapes, lines, light and spaces. My memories of landscape from living in rural Victoria, Egypt and the suburbs of Melbourne are expressed through form and colour. I explore how landscape can be…
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