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Memories of Love and Adventure by Ingrid Daniellacrylic on linen
80x60cm framed
Dream Image, a Euro Delight by Louise Tateoil & synthetic polymer paint on canvas / 138 x 123cm / unframed$2500
Dark Star by Ellie Malinunique state woodblock print
48x69cm framed
Anita Beaney
Featured Artist - Anita Beaney

Anita Beaney is looking to find peace and inspiration by being in the natural environment. She hopes to convey the calm she feels through her subject matter in her images. Her works are vignettes of nature and also of subconscious states. In documenting landscapes she catches a moment or two of solitude and beauty.

Her work is centred around old photographic processes. All the images at Boom Gallery were shot with a medium format camera, a Mamiya twin lens c330…

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