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Miss Greta by Rachel Hinewoven tapestry, (wool, silk, metallic thread & handspun yarn)
10.5x7.5cm unframed
Garden Therapy by John Santucciacrylic on poly cotton canvas 
60x60cm unframed
Twin Rotundas by Jiri Tibor Novakoil on canvas
30x28cm framed
Ben Crawford
Featured Artist - Ben Crawford

Ben Crawford is a painter in the post-modern tradition. He takes inspiration from a variety of sources, and uses a mixture of mediums to make his work, from traditional painting techniques with oil and synthetic polymer, to spray paint and mono-printing. His work is often bursting with colour. Surreal elements transform the traditional landscape into a somewhat mystical realm, charged with mystery. Figures, architecture and landmarks imbue Ben’s paintings with a sense of narrative, anchoring his work tentatively to reality.

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