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Tower / House by Jiri Tibor Novakoil on canvas
30x28cm framed
Arranging Her Long Hair by Lucy Roleffoil on belgian linen
32x42cm framed
To Know More by Elizabeth Barnettoil on linen
57x63cm framed
Rites of Spring by Jeff Raglusacrylic on plywood
43x53cm framed
Michelle Kettle
Featured Artist - Michelle Kettle

Sunlight on a building will suddenly draw your attention where it may have been overlooked before. A curtain stirring or a door closing, you suddenly look back, look up, or glance across the street. There is a two sided voyeurism although neither viewers are to be seen. Divided by space and walls, with you on the outside.

Michelle has a fascination with Australian architecture and the subtle shifts in light, shadow and mood through cropped images of uniquely…

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