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The Slow Horizontal by Emily Besseracrylic paint on clayboard
31x38cm framed
Alone With You by Kirsten Duncombemixed media on board
34x27cm framed
Scent of Magnolia by Meredith Earlscollage on paper
78x58cm framed
‘Spicy Sugar, Just Got Here’ by Katie Eraseracrylic & oil stick on canvas
43x53cm framed
CaféNeighbour Geelong
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Louise Tate
Featured Artist - Louise Tate

My current work draws from old family photographs and sourced images to create layered works that comment on the passing of time. The paintings are slowly built up through a layering of transparent washes of colour and textural mark making. There is an aspect of incompletion that enables them to hover between representation and abstraction. Through my work I aim to investigate the medium of painting as producing its own meaning and eschewing the constraints of linear time. Source photographs…