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The Bow by James Priceacrylic on canvas
97x72cm framed
Visit by Kasper Raglusoil on marine ply
40x32cm framed
Natura Morta by Jiri Tibor Novakoil on Belgium linen
31x42cm framed 
Dappled Light by Andrea Shawacrylic and oil pastel on canvas 36x46cm unframed$800
Cricket Saleh
Featured Artist - Cricket Saleh

Cricket Saleh works in Photography. In a professional context she is highly sought after for her completely unique approach to image making.

She has a seemingly effortless ability to capture the feeling and atmosphere of a concept. In her arts practice Cricket explores the genre of Still Life, simultaneously referencing art historical understandings of the medium and subverting it. She creates the illusion of a painted surface through considered lighting.

Her works are crisp; simple compositions, tangible texture and moody…

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