Exhibition: Alichia van Rhijn, The Middle Distance

Alichia van Rhijn, The Middle Distance
OpeningSaturday 14th September
1:00pm - 3:00pmExhibition Dates12th September - 6th October
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“Je suis l’espace où je suis.”

(I am the space where I am.)

- Noël Arnaud

The Middle Distance aims to explore the notion of ‘sacred space’, with narrative, ritual and the function of contemplation within spaces forming integral aspects of the collective sculptural installations. The work explores intervals between points, reflecting on architectural spaces and thoroughfares as areas that are often passed through but not paused in, neither given a closer look, nor a second glance.

Through the use of distilled minimalist forms, symbolic and ritualistic totems have been created to hopefully initiate pause and contemplation, creating cause to stop and take a closer look, to reflect and muse whilst engaging with the ‘spaces’ on an intimate and ritualistic level.