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Exhibition Dates15th August - 8th September 2019
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An exhibition of handwoven tapestry by Rachel Hine, Hilary Green and Rachel Wood. This is a Craft Cubed Satellite event.

Local artist and Boom regular Rachel Hine lives and works in Geelong. Over the last 20 years, Rachel has been devoted to the ancient artform of tapestry weaving. This is a labour of love. Rachel has an ongoing interest in the notion of ‘looking’ and the wild nature of people and animals.

Hilary Green is an Australian environmental artist currently living and working in Hobart, Tasmania.

She has exhibited in ARIs, commercial and public galleries throughout Australia including prestigious textile touring exhibitions and awards shows. Her work is represented in public and private collections, including The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), in Hobart.

Since completing a Master of Fine Art in 2016 her practice has engaged with intuitive sensorial responses to materials based processes, often described through an abstract language of mark making. Green amasses collections of culturally and environmentally significant botanical specimens that she uses as materials in her works on paper and installations.

Rachel Wood is well known particularly in Melbourne, but also Internationally for her engaging workshops with 'Wunderweave'. She teaches amazing classes complete with handmade wooden looms for students to keep. Rachel experiments with her medium outside of the classroom, exploring 3D ideas and developing new techniques. This will be her first time exhibiting her woven tapestries.

Rachel will be running a weaving workshop in Big Boom to coincide with the exhibition. Click here for more info and to book.

Shop the Exhibition
Hicks by Rachel Hinewoven tapestry 10.5x18cm unframedSold
Magda 1 by Rachel Hinewoven tapestry 10x16.5cm unframedSold
Mini Gunta by Rachel Hinewoven tapestry 5.5x9cm unframed$380
Reni by Rachel Hinewoven tapestry 6.3x8.5cm unframedSold
Taking Up Space by Rachel Woodcotton, wool, paper, plastic bags 145x80cm unframed
Absorb by Rachel Woodcotton & wool 46x55cm unframed
Breath by Rachel Woodcotton & wool 46x36cm unframed
The Matriarch by Hilary Greenhand woven tapestry (wool, cotton, gold thread and gold paint on cotton thread) 150x70cm unframed
Ritzi by Rachel Hinewoven tapestry 38.5x26cm framedSold
Barbara F by Rachel Hinewoven tapestry 10x15.5cm unframedSold
Gunta by Rachel Hinewoven tapestry 10x20.3cm unframedSold
Magda 2 by Rachel Hinewoven tapestry 9.5x19cm unframed Sold
Coptic Lady by Rachel Hinewoven tapestry 6.5x9.8cm unframed Sold
Mini Magda by Rachel Hinewoven tapestry 6x9cm unframed Sold
Mini Ritzi by Rachel Hinewoven tapestry 6.5x8.6cm unframed Sold