Past Exhibition: Louise Tate, Getting warmer

Louise Tate, Getting warmer
Exhibition Dates11th June - 12th July 2020
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Getting warmer imagines a luminous otherworldly landscape in which bodies softly fade into the hot afternoon sun. After a summer full of smoke that saw skies turn pink, orange, red and black, I began to image these strangely beautiful landscapes that were mostly devoid of human life. Drawn from the Victorian bush, the lush rainforest of northern NSW, and houses once lived in; these works reimagine what life could be like on this slowly warming land. Clothes float by on the breeze, bodiless and somewhat eerie. Trees that were stripped by flames sprout new growth. Some species die out while others thrive. Flowers begin to blossom. Cicadas, those tiny violins with wings, perform a twilight symphony. These works make way for nature as it reclaims the land beneath pink-hued skies.

Louise is a painter and writer whose practice explores personal and historical narratives of women, care, and Australian identity. Her work weaves a story that is personal, national and fictional, offering up possibilities for new ways of being in the world. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art with 1st Class Honours from RMIT University, and currently lives and works in Melbourne.

Louise has exhibited locally and internationally in solo and group exhibitions. Recent achievements include: semi-finalist in the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship (2019) and the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (2019), finalist in the 'churchie' national emerging art prize (2019), finalist in the Hopper Prize (2020), and an artist residency at the NARS Foundation in New York (2019).

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Guerrilla gardening for the soul by Louise Tateoil on linen 40.5x30.5cm framedSold
Land of the large pink cloud by Louise Tateoil on linen 107x137cm framedSold
Listless by Louise Tateoil on canvas 122x91.5cm framedSold
Not much left now by Louise Tateoil on board 120x100cm framedSold
Planting seeds for the future by Louise Tateoil on linen 137x107cm framedSold
Pocket by Louise Tateoil on linen 35.5x30cm framedSold
Sunsets that last for days by Louise Tateoil on linen 76x61cm framedSold
Teardrops like petals by Louise Tateoil on linen 61x76cm framedSold
Those disappearing feelings by Louise Tateoil on canvas 91.5x122cm framed$3100
Warmer means fewer by Louise Tateoil on board 120x100cm framed$3200